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Apache in the News: 1996-1997

Apache has featured in a large number of reviews and articles. This page lists just some of the stories that appeared on-line up to the end of 1997. It is likely that the links to some of these stories may no longer be available.

Internet World Daily, 24 Dec 1997 At Last: Apache Runs on Windows (no longer available)

"There's no secret why Apache is the most popular Web server on the Internet, running on almost 50 percent of all Web servers: It rarely crashes and, once set up, Apache doesn't require much in the way of maintenance. Plus, the price is right: it's free."

San Jose Mercury News, December 12th 1997 There's money to be made in freeware

"If some cosmic force caused all of the free software at work on today's Internet to suddenly stop running, major portions of the Net would come to a grinding halt -- because free software, sometimes called freeware, is at the heart of the action."

BYTE Magazine, December 1997 issue The Value of Free Software

"The Apache project runs differently than most freeware projects. Perl, for example, continues to evolve under the watchful eye of its creator, Larry Wall. Likewise, Linux does the same under Linus Torvalds. But Apache is governed by 13 co-equal developers who share permission to commit changes to the Apache source tree."

C|Net, Nov. 25th 1997 Top Ten Things to be Thankful For, #10

"The Apache Group and the free Apache HTTP server stand as an appealing throwback to the early, less-commercial, days of the Net when things seemed to be done for love, not for money. Free and open standards supported and maintained by the people who use them are still a good thing for the Web. And, hey, Apache is a damn fine server, too."

Salon Magazine, 20 November 1997 Apache's Free Software Warriors

"A red feather resting against the words "Powered by Apache": On the Web, the logo is everywhere. And for good reason -- the Apache Web server, a piece of software that transforms ordinary computers into sites on the World Wide Web, is by far the most popular choice for Webmasters everywhere."

InternetWeek, 13 October 1997 Unix Web Servers: Unhyped But Not Forgotten

"Apache excels as a well-designed, flexible server. As your needs grow, you will find that the Apache development team has probably anticipated your growth and already implemented the features you need."

Net Insider, 30 September 1997 Apache Dominates Web Server Market

"Although Microsoft and Netscape have spent a lot of marketing muscle promoting their browsers and servers, ... Apache ... is far more popular on today's Internet than products from either vendor."

ZDNet, Jesse Berst's Anchordesk, 26 September 1997 The World's Cheapest Web Server. The World's Most Popular Web Server. (Psst! It's the Same One!)

"Apache's main draw isn't that it's free. Discerning Webmasters choose Apache for these three reasons: flexibility, scalability, [and] cutting edge features."

The New York CyberTimes "undeveloped", 13 August 1997: Maligning Free Software Is a Growing Web Tradition (login required)

"While people can argue the merits of Perl forever, you aren't going to get a lot of people claiming that Apache is an inferior product."

IEEE Internet Computing, July-August 1997: Collaborative Work: The Apache HTTPD Server Project (Acrobat PDF file)
restricted to IEEE Computer Society members with a valid E-Account.

"The Apache HTTP Server Project ... collaborative software development effort has created a robust, feature-rich HTTP server software package that currently dominates the public Internet market..."

Wired, June 28th 1997: Software Wants to Be Free

"It's no secret that Apache is the most powerful, the most flexible, and the best Web-server software on the market."

PC Week, June 9th 1997, "Fort Apache"

"`The whole motivation was to fix some bugs in NCSA,' said Brian Behlendorf, an Apache coordinator and chief technology officer at Organic Online, in San Francisco. `We just found each other over the Internet.'"

Informationweek, June 2nd 1997: Web servers -- Apache:Freely Successful -- The Net's Web server shareware continues to gain popularity

"The Apache Group has accomplished a feat that should make it the envy of commercial software developers everywhere. Without spending a cent on research, marketing, or advertising, this group of volunteer programmers created Apache-Web server software that may be the most widely used product on the Internet today."

WebWeek, March 17th, 1997: New Web Server Blasts Pages Across the Net

"HTTP/1.1 support improves web speed by two to eight times - Apache support for HTTP/1.1 complete."

PC Week, December 16th, 1996: The Net sires many of year's best products, technologies

Apache named in PC Week's Top Ten for 1996

ix Multiuser Multitasking Magazin, Dezember 1996: Forwarded -- URL manipulation with Apache

A six page featuring article about the new URL rewriting module (mod_rewrite) which was contributed to Apache 1.2. Original article was written in german and published in the print version #12/96 of iX. The translated version was published on the Web, only.

Interactive Week, November 11th 1996: Wagons Circle, But Apache Server Still Alive

"Apache increases its lead throughout October". IW interviews several Apache users to find out why.

Computer Currents, 2nd August 1996: Apache Consolidates Lead In Web Server Market
(Text no longer available)

The August survey of World Wide Web servers has found the number running the Apache software have continued to grow with the gap widening against the competition

C|Net, 1st August 1996: Gates: Explorer will be huge

"On the Web server side, however, Gates doesn't see Netscape as his chief competitor. `Apache [free Web server software distributed over the Net] is our biggest competitor. It's gaining share faster than Netscape.'"

Netscape World, July 1996: Apache on the warpath, NCSA getting scalped

"Apache retains the lion's share of the server software market, and its numbers are growing as the NCSA server falls from favor."

Websmith, July 1996: How to hack your server

"Many times faster than CGI, the Apache API gives developers direct access to the server core. This is the first in a series of articles dealing with the Apache API."

C|Net, 6th June 1996: Netscape fixes Apache in its sights

"While Netscape Communications has by far the largest piece of the browser market, the company's Web server software lags well behind its freeware counterparts. Now, Netscape has started trying harder to figure out why."

WebWeek, 20th May 1996: Apache Leads Web Server Pack

"Apache users are a fiercely loyal bunch who report that the development team behind Apache has done a great job in quickly adding features and addressing bugs in the platform."

SunWorld Online, May 1996: What to Look for in a Web Server

"...if you're willing to invest a little time and want excellent support from the best minds in the industry, Apache is the clear winner. "

Apache Group, 4th April 1996: Apache Group announces the world's most popular Webserver

"The Apache Group today announced that their popular webserver, Apache, was found by the Netcraft Web Server Survey to be the most popular server on the Internet"

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