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Configuring linux to run Apache 0.8 + with virtual hosts

Some advice on configuring Linux so that it can run Apache and virtual hosts

  1. You'll need linux kernel 1.2.x ( >=5 recommended) and compile with the following options:
    	  # CONFIG_DUMMY is not set          ( say no when configuring )

  2. make dep ; make zImage ; make modules ; make modules_install

  3. cp /usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot/zImage /vmlinuz

  4. rdev -R /vmlinuz 1 ; lilo

  5. reboot system

  6. insmod -o dummy0 /lib/modules/1.2.x/net/dummy.o

  7. ifconfig dummy0 up
    NOTE: Make sure the IP address you choice is a valid one, and not being used.

  8. arp -s <ethernet address> netmask pub
    NOTE: the ethernet address of your ethernet card can be found if you type ifconfig eth0. First line, there are 6 hex numbers sepearted by ':'. Use that.

  9. route add dummy0

  10. Add <virtual host> ..... < /virtualhost> to your httpd.conf file.

  11. Add to your /etc/hosts or DNS database files.

  12. Repeat from Step 1. with dummy1 if so desired.

Good luck.

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