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Apache in the News

Since becoming the #1 Web server, Apache has featured in a number of reviews and articles. If you have seen a story about Apache on the Web or in the press let us know so that we can include it here.

Perfomance Computing, May 1998: The Apache HTTP Server

"it's no secret that an Apache-UNIX combination for a Web server yields the most in terms of performance and stability, since Apache servers are optimized for efficient Web transactions while simultaneously being more stable than the commercial Microsoft and Netscape offerings."

WEBTechniques, May 1998, Volume 3, Issue 5: Load Balancing Your Web Site

Article from the Apache Group member Ralf S. Engelschall about two practical approaches for distributing HTTP traffic between websites: A DNS-based round-robin method and an Apache-based random-choice method. "The Apache-based method presents a solution where a heavily stripped down Apache 1.3 webserver is configured as a reverse proxy in front of backend webservers via a tricky mod_rewrite/mod_proxy combination."

Network Magazine, April 1998: The 1998 Products of the Year (registration required)

Apache wins the 1998 product of the Year award in the "Web Server" category

ZDNet, April 1998: Web Servers: Offering More Services

A report on the divergence between embedded web servers and servers for traditional operating systems. It also covers the multiprocess versus multithreaded issue for web servers, "Apache is an example of a multiprocess Web server. IIS from Microsoft and Enterprise Server from Netscape use a multithreaded approach."

C|Net, 9 Mar 1998: C|Net Award for Internet Excellence goes to Apache

"Part of Apache's charm is that it costs nothing and that its source code is freely available for anyone to take and customize or extend. Of course, free wouldn't count for much if the software didn't work, but the Apache Project has built a stable, speedy Web server that runs on almost all flavors of Unix, OS/2, and even Windows. "

Computer Currents, 3 Mar 1998: Intranet Explorer: Free Service

"All in all, the latest releases of Apache are attractive solutions for anyone who wants to run a Web site. You get cross-platform support, adherence to the important standards, and a fast, powerful Web server that's easy to set up and maintain. And the price is right. If you're looking for a Web server, definitely take a look at Apache."

CNet's BUILDER.COM, 24 Feb 1998: Running on NT: 5 Web servers compared - Apache 1.3b3

"Apache is the ultimate in minimalist server software. There's no fancy Windows- or HTML-based administration interface, just a few text configuration files that you edit in your favorite text editor. For people weaned on fancy GUIs, the text files take a bit of getting used to. After a while, though, you'll appreciate the absolute control they offer. With a GUI, you can never really be sure what's happening behind the scenes. With Apache you know, because you're the one editing all the configuration information by hand. "

Wired News, 9 Feb 1998: Filename Bug Leaves Servers Open to Snoops

"Marc Slemko, a Canadian university student and member of the Apache Web Project, discovered the bug in January while testing the new Windows NT version of the Apache web server for potential security problems."

News.com, 1 Feb 1998: Source Code for the Masses

"The freeware philosophy places the responsibility of creating, changing, and debugging complex systems in the hands of complete strangers linked only by the Internet and their love of technology."

ABCNews.com, 29 Jan 1998: Apache: Peaceful Web Warrior

"Most of the people in the Apache Group are old Web veterans," says Apache member Jim Jagielski. "We love the Web and we love Apache. Its very similar to how things used to be in the early days."

Various, 22 Jan 1998: Netscape Releases Source to Navigator 5.0

Netscape has decided to release source code to their Navigator product line; a move that has been compared favorably to the methods by which Apache is developed. Here are some links to stories on the announcement which mentioned Apache:

CNN Custom News, 6 Jan 1998 Apache Servers Pass 50% in Web Server Survey (no longer available)

"The Apache Web server, and its related versions, can now be found on over half of all servers on the open Internet, according to the January Web server survey of Britain's Netcraft. The company automatically polled 1,834,710 Web sites for its latest survey."

Internetnews.com, 5 Jan 1998 Apache Server Still the King

"The Apache Web Server initially got its start as a set of patches to the original NCSA Web Server in 1995. It was one of the first servers to implement the HTTP/1.1 protocol, and has since established itself as the leading Web server, far surpassing both Microsoft and Netscape Web servers."

Apache Group Press Release, 5 Jan 1998 Apache Webserver Serves Over Half The Internet

"The Apache Web Server, from the Apache Group, now serves over half the domains on the Internet, according to the latest Netcraft Web Server Survey. "

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