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Regular Contributors

This page exists to recognize the efforts and contributions of the core individuals in the Apache project.

Current Apache Group in alphabetical order as of 23 April 1998:

Contributor Activities
Brian Behlendorf Listowner, all around ass-kicker.
Ken Coar HTML pedant, FAQ editor, UI perfectionist, bugdb script hacker
Mark Cox Cookie module, Status module, DBM code.
Ralf S. Engelschall Dr. Cosmetics, mod_rewrite, DSO support, Configure, APACI, apxs, etc.
Dean Gaudet Performance freak.
Rob Hartill general trouble maker, comments to offend all.
Jim Jagielski Porter and general hacks.
Alexei Kosut
Martin Kraemer
Ben Laurie SCO and QNX porting, Apache-SSL author, pedant.
Doug MacEachern Perl whacker and DCE slinger
Aram W. Mirzadeh Linux & SCO porting.
Sameer Parekh
Cliff Skolnick Solaris porting.
Marc Slemko Security, networking issues
Paul Sutton Documentation writing, code hacking, bug fixing
Randy Terbush Logo design, bugfixes, NetBSD, BSDI & SunOS porting.
Dirk van Gulik

Apache Emeritae (old group members now off doing other things)

Roy T. Fielding Standards Cop.
Chuck Murcko UnixWare, IRIX, BSD porting.
David Robinson Patch database, documentation.
Robert Thau Designed and implemented module API, did server core overhaul, process pool model, content negotiation, lots and lots of other stuff.
Andrew Wilson

Other major contributors:

Howard Fear SSI extensions.
Florent Guillaume Language Negotiation
Kevin Hughes Creator of all those nifty icons
Rasmus Lerdorf mod_info, mod_php, mod_php3
Ambarish Malpani Beginning of the NT port
Rob McCool Original author of NCSA httpd 1.3
Paul Richards Convinced the group to use remote CVS after 1.0
Garey Smiley OS/2 port.
Henry Spencer Author of the regex library

Hundreds of people have made individual contributions to the Apache project. Patch contributors are listed in the src/CHANGES file. Frequent contributors have included Petr Lampa, Tom Tromey, James H. Cloos Jr., Ed Korthof, Nathan Neulinger, Jason S. Clary, Jason A. Dour, Michael Douglass, Brian Havard, Tony Sanders, Brian Tao, Michael Smith, Adam Sussman, Nathan Schrenk, Matthew Gray, and John Heidemann.

Name: Brian Behlendorf
Email: brian@organic.com or brian@hyperreal.com
URL: http://www.organic.com/Staff/brian
Organization: Organic
Occupation: CTO (hahaha)
Location: San FranDisco, CA, USA
Comments: Crotchety Old Man who likes to see things done right.
OS Expertise: BSDI 2.0
Contributions: Code-wise I've contributed very little - the authDBM hack which I did for HotWired was the only feature enhancement. I focus more on testing and sanity checking, and I provide the hardware/software/bandwidth to support www.apache.org and the development mailing list.

Name: Ken Coar
Email: Coar@DECUS.Org
URL: http://www.golux.com/coar/
Organization: MeepZor Consulting
Occupation: Software & Web development
Location: Mostly in New England, USA
Comments: HTML pedant, FAQ editor, UI perfectionist, bugdb script hacker
OS Expertise: Digital UNIX, OpenVMS
Contributions: The 1.2 example API module, moderately updated FAQ, mod_autoindex enhancements, various minor bug fixes and documentation corrections. Eminently capable of writing code that will Rule The World by consuming resources - but in an elegant way.

Name: Mark Cox
email: mark@awe.com
URL: http://www.awe.com/~mark/
Organization: C2Net Europe, Ltd.
Occupation: Managing Director
Location: Leeds, England
Contributions: Various patches, bug fixes, and DBM code alterations bringing Apache in line with what we were using on www.telescope.org. Cookie module. Server Status module. Contributor to Apache Week

Name: Ralf S. Engelschall
email: rse@engelschall.com
URL: http://www.engelschall.com/
Organization: Private
Occupation: Computer Science student
Location: Munich, Germany
Contributions: Contributor of the URL Rewriting Module (mod_rewrite), the Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) support, the Apache Autoconf-style Interface (APACI), the overhauling of the Configure script and Makefile templates and various bugfixes and minor features: Line Continuation for config files, programs for the Big Symbol Renaming in April 1998 (foo -> ap_foo), Reverse Proxy support, etc. In general Ralf is Dr. Cosmetics at the Apache Group because his opinion is that every type of hacking is some sort of art and hence needs to be maximum clean and perfect.

Name: Howard Fear
email: hsf@pageplus.com
URL: http://www.pageplus.com/~hsf/
Organization: NetPlus+, RedCape Policy Software, Inc.
Occupation: Everything software
Location: Colorado
Comments: The story teller makes no choice. Soon you will not hear his voice. His job is to shed light, and not to master.
Contributions: SSI extensions and occasional bug fixes

Name: Roy T. Fielding
Email: fielding@ics.uci.edu
URL: http://www.ics.uci.edu/~fielding/
Organization: University of California, Irvine
Occupation: Ph.D. Student, ICS
Location: Irvine, CA
Contributions: Roy is the standards cop. He keeps the group informed of changes to the standards for HTTP, HTML and URI, and makes sure that Apache conforms to those worth conforming to. On a good day, he'll even test the code, dabble in software engineering practice, submit a few patches, and squeeze out an Agenda.

Name: Dean Gaudet
Email: dgaudet@apache.org
URL: http://www.arctic.org/~dgaudet/
Organization: Transmeta Corporation
Occupation: Performance Analyst
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Comments: Performance freak.
OS Expertise: Linux
Contributions: Performance/reliability coding, and general bug fixes. Believes in the One True Tab Width of 8 columns. Known to be a hard-nosed pain in the butt. In a previous life Dean worked at HotWired, which is where he started hacking Apache.

Name: Matthew Gray
Email: mkgray@mit.edu
URL: http://www.mit.edu/~mkgray/
Organization: MIT
Occupation: Research Assistant
Location: Cambridge, MA, USA
Contributions: NCSA1.4 logging compatibility modules, miscellaneous patches

Name: Rob Hartill
Email: robh@imdb.com
Organization: Los Alamos National Laboratory & Internet Movie Database.
Occupation: Post-doc PERL guru
Location: Los Alamos, New Mexico, Good Old US of A
Comments: write it in PERL

Name: Jim Jagielski
Email: jim@jaguNET.com
URL: http://www.jaguNET.com/
Organization: jaguNET Access Services
Occupation: ISP and Engineer
Location: Baltimore Maryland, USA
OS Expertise: A/UX and various SysV flavors
Contributions: A/UX port, SysV shared memory support, flock mutexes, several mod_status updates, loads of Configuration stuff, various fixes/hacks and lately coordinating the Releases. General porter, coder and trouble maker.

Name: Alexei Kosut
Email: akosut@nueva.pvt.k12.ca.us
URL: http://www.nueva.pvt.k12.ca.us/~akosut/
Organization: Crystal Springs Uplands School
Occupation: Student
Location: El Granada, Calif, US
Comments: Lefler on IRC, mostly DALnet: /server irc.dal.net 7000

Name: Martin Kraemer
Email: Martin.Kraemer@mch.sni.de
Organization: Siemens Nixdorf Information Systems AG
Occupation: Software Development Engineer
Location: Munich, Germany
Comments: The "freshman". I like portable code that's easily understood.
Contributions: Various proxy patches, the BS2000 EBCDIC port, SVR4 patches

Name: Ben Laurie
Email: ben@algroup.co.uk
URL: http://www.algroup.co.uk/
Organization: A.L. Digital Ltd
Occupation: Freelance Consultant and Technical Director
Location: London, England
OS Expertise: SCO, QNX, SGI, Windows (all flavours), DOS
Contribution: Apache-SSL, extensive debate on escaping characters, and the odd bug fix.
Comments: What am I doing here?

Name: Rasmus Lerdorf
Email: rasmus@lerdorf.on.ca
URL: http://www.lerdorf.on.ca/
Company: Lerdorf Consultants Inc.
Occupation: IT Consultant
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
OS Expertise: Solaris, Linux
Contribution: Wrote mod_info module included in the distribution, as well as mod_php which is available separately.

Name: Doug MacEachern
email: dougm@pobox.com
Occupation: Freelance Consultant
Location: Summer Seasons, Earth
Comment: Yes, it can be done with Perl
Contributions: mod_perl, plugin-ability for transport mechanisms such as DCE RPC, sfio support, various API additions, mod_perl/mod_include integration, dbmmanage overhaul

Name: Aram W. Mirzadeh
email: awm@qosina.com
URL: http://www.qosina.com/~awm/
Organization: Qosina Corporation
Occupation: MIS Manager
Location: Edgewood, NY
Comment: To err is human, to really screw up you need a computer.
OS Expertise: Linux & SCO

Name: Chuck Murcko
Email: chuck@topsail.org
URL: http://www.topsail.org/
Organization: Infonautics Corporation & The Topsail Group
Occupation: Web Developer & Grinder
Location: West Chester PA USA
Comments: Tinkero ergo sum
OS Expertise: UnixWare, IRIX (secondarily) FreeBSD, BSDI, Solaris

Name: Paul Richards
Email: paul@FreeBSD.org
URL: http://www.freebsd.org/~paul
Organization: Bluebird Computer Systems. FreeBSD core team member.
Location: UK
OS Expertise: FreeBSD

Name: David Robinson
Email: drtr@ast.cam.ac.uk
Organization: University of Cambridge
Occupation: Astronomer
Location: Cambridge, UK

Name: Cliff Skolnick
email: cliff@organic.com
URL: http://www.organic.com /Staff/cliff
Organization: Organic Online
Occupation: Networking and System Czar
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
OS Expertise: Solaris 2.3, 2.4, 2.5

Name: Marc Slemko
email: marcs@znep.com
Occupation: Student, Network/Unix Consultant
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Contributions: Security patches, bug hunting and debugging of networking issues.
OS Expertise: *BSD

Name: Garey Smiley
Email: garey@slink.com
URL: http://www.slink.com/
Organization: SoftLink Services
Occupation: Consultant in cross platform applications and web development.
Location: Akron, Ohio USA
Comments: If you can't do UNIX do OS/2.
OS Expertise: OS/2, Win32s, Windows NT, and UNIX.
Contributions: OS/2 port of Apache. See the OS/2 specific pages at http://www.slink.com/ApacheOS2/

Name: Paul Sutton
Email: pcs@apache.org
URL: http://www.ukweb.com/~paul/
Organization: C2Net Europe, Ltd
Occupation: Technical Director
Location: Leeds, UK
Comments: I like documenting things, I really do. Why are you wearing white suits?
Contributions: Long time Apache convert (fixed a bug in version 0.5.2). Actually likes documentation and commenting source. Contributions include some content negotiation stuff, various bug fixes and testing, mod_headers, multiple log files, options +/-. Also edits Apache Week.

Name: Randy Terbush
Email: randy@covalent.net
URL: http://www.covalent.net/
Organization: Covalent Technologies
Occupation: Network Administration
Location: Lincoln, NE, USA
OS Expertise: *BSD

Name: Robert Thau
Email: rst@ai.mit.edu
URL: http://www.ai.mit.edu/people/rst/rst.html
Organization: MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab
Occupation: grad student & random hacker
Location: Boston, Mass., USA
Contributions: Designed the module interface, and the internal data structures which support it, and adapted the first (and somewhat less than perfect ;-) versions of the modules providing functionality equivalent to Apache 0.6, starting from an early version of Rob Hartill's 0.7 work. Also designed and wrote large portions of the current server core from scratch (alloc.c, http_config.c, http_core.c, and portions of other files), again adapting the rest from 0.7, to produce the first versions of what became Apache 0.8/1.0 (then called Shambhala), after further work by the rest of the group. Various other contributions include the original Apache 0.6 content negotiation code, the SpareServers machinery (for better or worse), the experimental (as of 0.8/1.0) dld module and LogFormat support, and the 0.8/1.0 Configuration script.

Name: Dirk-Willem van Gulik
Email: Dirk.vanGulik@jrc.it
URL: http://me-www.jrc.it/~dirkx
Organization: The European Wide Service Exchange < http://ewse.ceo.org>,< http://enrm.ceo.org> a < CEO> project.
Occupation: Internet consultant/contractor, currently working for the above.
Location: Sunny Italy
Contributions: Full time web development for various remote sensing related projects; playing around with mSQL and Cookies access control for apache (and wu-ftpd). Dreamt up the silly anonymous scheme to allow user tracking which works with almost any client. Like to play around with the language tags.
Comments: But still prefer walking and sailing in this beautiful part of Europe.

Name: Andrew Wilson
Email: Andrew.Wilson@cm.cf.ac.uk
URL: http://www.cm.cf.ac.uk/User/Andrew.Wilson/
Organization: REED Elsevier Science
Occupation: Internet Consultant
Location: Oxford, UK
Comments: I'm really looking forward to this hangover.

Name: Sameer Parekh
Email: sameer@c2.net
URL: http://www.c2.net/~sameer/
Organization: C2Net Software, Inc.
Occupation: Management (whee)
Location: Oakland, CA, USA
Contribution: Bugfixes, documentation, website, administrative/legal, various binary builds as needed

And a special thanks to Rob McCool and the team at NCSA for the original httpd source code, which provided a solid base for Apache's development.

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