Module mod_log_agent

This module is contained in the mod_log_agent.c file, and is not compiled in by default. It provides for logging of the client user agents.


Syntax: AgentLog file-pipe
Default: AgentLog logs/agent_log
Context: server config, virtual host
Status: Extension
Module: mod_log_agent

The AgentLog directive sets the name of the file to which the server will log the UserAgent header of incoming requests. File-pipe is one of

A filename
A filename relative to the ServerRoot.
`|' followed by a command
A program to receive the agent log information on its standard input. Note the a new program will not be started for a VirtualHost if it inherits the AgentLog from the main server.
Security: if a program is used, then it will be run under the user who started httpd. This will be root if the server was started by root; be sure that the program is secure.

This directive is provided for compatibility with NCSA 1.4.

The manual translated into Japanese is here.

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